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More than just a gym or fitness studio. More than a place you go to train.

At a glance and when simply described and categorized, Effect Fitness is primarily a fitness training facility. Yeah, a place where you can build muscle, lose weight, get in shape. . .all that. But really. . .it’s more. It can be any one or several combinations of those things for participants, but it strives to be more than just the place some non-inclusive group of people goes to keep themselves accountable to some blindly accepted ideal, which I do not teach, or revered fitness guru, which I don’t claim to be. It’s more than just a gym. . .a training studio. . .a place you go to train or work out your fitness demons. A place you call when you wanna fit effortlessly into that wedding or bridesmaid dress or feel comfortable on the annual beach trip. Sure, it can be those things if you need it to be. But it’s more than that. And maybe, it’s better. Effect Fitness is an opportunity.

It’s a place where you’ll have an opportunity to diligently explore your body through fitness and health, rather than whip it into a better version of itself through submission and angst. It’s a place where you’ll be encouraged to not only identify and establish goals, but to constantly reevaluate them. And you’ll start to see how engaging with your fitness can grow into a fun exploration of movement which can not only lead to you directly impacting your own personal wellness and health, but acknowledging your own personal responsibility for the same.


This community offers the opportunity and the support to meet your own personal goals in an intimate group setting. All sessions can include up to 4 people, and although sessions are of a small group format, they are designed to challenge each person uniquely to help support in uniquely individual goals. Here, we demystify things like getting stronger, losing weight, burning fat, building muscle. Plainly, we encourage you to explore general fitness as a primary component of your personal physical goals, regardless of what they are. I encourage you to frame your changing and often temporarily pursued goals within the borders of a constant and evolving exploration of health, movement, and overall wellness.

In this sense, I don’t have “weight-loss” clients, “fitness” clients and “rehab-prehab clients”, and “strength training clients” and “pre/post-pregnancy” clients. . .I have members; members who are all exploring movement for themselves within a group of others who all aspire to unique combinations of those and other varying goals. Doctors, nanny’s, home care providers, house cleaners, artists and athletes, bank officers, farmers, self-employed entrepreneurs, designers, restaurant workers, music producers, stay-at-home moms—and dads. . .and so many more. . .all of them have been a part of this community. And although every person is different, it can be surprising how many of them share similar goals. Because at the end of the day, most people want to feel great, look great, and be able to handle the physical tasks life throws at us. And because that’s all “fitness” really is. . .my definition: the skill and capability to move through life to the degree one wants or has need. Plainly, it’s the ability to handle what’s in front of and around you, whether you put it there, or it just kind of showed up.


And just as I attempt to identify the likenesses among people and their goals, I also look for and acknowledge the benefit any number of modes or styles can present to us in achieving them. Then we’ll dare to use them- .all of them, if there’s access. We aspire to identify usefulness rather than label ideas or pit “good” forms of exercise vs. “evil” ones. We are not any one thing, because we believe people are not, and neither are their goals. We’re not against Crossfit or Pilates any more than we’re for Yoga or HIIT (high intensity training). On any given day you might move from down-dog to baby cobra to a burpee and a bag carry… followed by a breathing exercise or a good laugh. And nothing will be wrong with any of it. You’ll participate in sessions where pushups feel more challenging than you ever thought they could be, and some sessions you’ll roll around on the floor like you’re doing a performance in review of your 6-year old self.

We believe in precision, but playfulness; the one to remained focus on personal objectives and goals as well as keep you training safely and responsibly, the latter to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Sessions aren’t limited solely to the amount of work you can do in a certain time period or a predetermined number of reps. You’ll be asked to suspend your expectations and do something you’ve possibly never seen or thought you’d try before, which will be at some point be followed by you surprising yourself and trying or succeeding at doing it.

All that said – you will work.

There’ll still be sweat and celebration,
frustration and fatigue, failure and fun.

But in the end, and every session, you’ll have an opportunity to push
beyond your current perceived and long accepted limitations.